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Evelyn Hill Cycling - a product line to meet the apparel needs of real women - everyday cyclists and commuters - with a cut that's both comfortable and flattering.

Tandem Sunday 2016 - May 1, 2016

Tandem Expo 2016 - April 2 & 3, 2016

Tandem Weekend 2016 - June 3, 4 & 5, 2016

Dreaming of the Future
by Barbara Kornbluh
When you were a kid did you stare at the sky dreaming into the white cottony clouds? You know the kind, oversized puffy formations that allowed your imagination to float into eternity. The skies above my "safe place" were home to secrets only I held deep within my soul such as what kind of life would I experience? Where would I live and with whom? How many kids would I be blessed with? Growing up in a comfortable but modest home surrounded by a loving family allowed me those freedoms of escaping into the future.
Our future is here. It is now and in the present. And so many of my visions and inner whispers have become reality. My parents walked me down the isle of marriage forty-four years ago asking me if I was sure. At twenty-one who knew about being sure. What I did know were mysteries of love. They were true and I was certain all would work out. To me, money didn't matter. The man I was about to call my husband was full of adventure, promise and respect for what I stood for back in 1972. Together we would walk through life jumping through hoops and hurdles of both disappointments and joy.
I never dreamt about riding bicycles. I dreamt about performing classical piano on large stages in front of massive audiences. I dreamt of a studio filled with eager minds waiting for my talents to enrich and fulfill their musical and humanistic souls.
Being fit? That wasn't something that entered my thoughts. But as I traveled through life with an athlete that soon changed.
My hopes and desires included a wonderful strong husband with a kind heart. A man who could move the world and make a difference, not just in my life, but in the world surrounding our lives.
Today, I feel nostalgic realizing that so many of my childhood thoughts have become reality. Mel, Natalie, Jed, their spouses and wonderful children have blessed me more than imagined.
My musical career has always been strong and defined me as an individual. I continue making music with my students and proving that music will always be an important ingredient in a child's development.
Mel and I may not have the luxury of watching time drift through the sky, but we continue to dream of new fulfilling experiences.
Tandems East has taken us to wonderful homeland and foreign places and introduced us to friends who enriched our lives beyond imagination.
Designing women's cycling clothing was not something I thought was in my reach. With the help of our son Jed, Mel's constant support and David Sommerville, their combined experience and guidance has made Evelyn Hill Cycling more than a dream. My designs, performance fabrics and great fit will continue to grow without boundaries.
Today, the sky is blue, full of formations and holds a wealth of dreams. Mel likes to say we are living in our fourth quarter. For me, that is the most exciting time. Today is the future. I plan to seek new goals rich in color and excitement. You are invited to share in the journey.

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